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+49 2131 82090 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Airport City DUS | Peter-Müller-Straße 3 | 40468 Düsseldorf | Germany
Made in Germany
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Why choose easy2forge?

Made in Germany

For many years, „Made in Germany“ was a seal that set the benchmark for quality all over the world. Today, computer scientists everywhere develop software for all kinds of applications. Finding a software engineer is easy, but finding a software engineer who understands your steel business is still a challenge. We develop software where our customers are; we come to you and listen. We solve your requirements with our know how: made in Germany.

Reliability / Processing Speed

Our applications have been running for many years without difficulty; they are fast and reliable. Databases that store up to 15 years of records (without deletion) are no rarity. Off times are unknown to us. For this reason, our customers stay connected with us for a long period of time. We are not interested in the highest number of installations. We are interested in the longest lasting customer relationship. We are not satisfied until the customer is satisfied.


The selection of a software provider is only one side of the story. Even more important is the question of support — this should be guaranteed for a long period. We will not leave you out in the rain once the installation and training phases are finished. We are also available for you when other people call it a day. We don’t have a call center where you have to spent hours on hold. Challenge us! We are happy to serve you.

References Steel industry

120 tons of red-hot steel. A press force of 9,000 tons. The open die press deforms the ingot with ease. Each movement of the manipulator and the press is exactly pre-calculated and executed with highest precision.

Maximum performance, with perfect software from Dr. Fister GmbH.
Worldwide. Unique. Successful.

Cooperation Partners

Our Open-Die Forging Software is not a stand-alone system, nor is it a one-way solution. In order to get the most out of the application, we integrate it into your processes and systems. This creates a direct link to all leading suppliers in the forging business. Furthermore, the following suppliers trust in our system and cooperate with us.

No matter where you buy your forging equipment, Dr. Fister GmbH will supply the software for programmed forging.

Meet us at TISD 2024 in Cannes - Mandelieu, France from Sept 30 to Oct 2 at booth #12.