+49 2131 82090 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Airport City DUS | Peter-Müller-Straße 3 | 40468 Düsseldorf | Germany
+49 2131 82090 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Airport City DUS | Peter-Müller-Straße 3 | 40468 Düsseldorf | Germany
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About Us

Dr. Fister GmbH


Our Open-Die Forging Software is more than just a tool you use to manage your forging process.

Our mission is simply to make your forging business as efficient as possible.

The software is adapted to your requirements and not vice versa.

We focus on the people that work with our software and have served them day in, day out, every month and every year for over 30 years.

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Steel, a versatile material, is flexible, hard, stainless, long-lasting, environmentally-friendly, recyclable, among many other characteristics.

Our customers are just as versatile as this material,
whether they have one press or multiple presses, small presses or large presses;
whether they forge bars, plates, rings or any free shaped pieces;
whether they forge carbon tool steel, stainless steel, titanium or any other steel grade.

Although our customers are as diverse as their requirements for our forging software, each of them works with one solution: easy2forge – The Open-Die Forging Software.

To understand our customers means having comprehensive knowledge about the materials they use as well as their working sequence. Our philosophy is to focus 100% on our customer’s demands. It is a known fact that you can profit the most from customtailored software; only by using customized software can you save money every day. We adapt to your requirements and not vice versa.

Since the establishment of Dr. Fister GmbH in 1989, our company has dealt exclusively with the development of software for the steel industry and steel wholesale business. By focusing on steel (industrial and wholesale) we hold an unrivaled expertise in the market – this is our unique selling point. No other competitor has comparable know-how in the steel business. We speak your language and understand your concerns.

Information Technology is a fast-paced business in which there are always new trends and ideas. The market and its requirements change rapidly. To be able to provide software in these conditions for over 30 years speaks in our favor. We still have satisfied customers that have been working with us since the beginning — further proof of Dr. Fister GmbH’s unique expertise and the trust our customers place in us.

Supporting our customers worldwide means frequent travel activities. Since 2019, Dr. Fister GmbH has been located in the Office Park of the Düsseldorf International Airport, which is the best environment today for the requirements of tomorrow. Come and visit us!

Today we provide a wide spread of tailored solutions on the basis of software packages or consulting. Up to ten people currently work together at Dr. Fister GmbH to implement projects successfully worldwide. Our Software solutions are used in Austria, China, Germany, France, India, Korea, Netherlands and the USA.

Meet us at TISD 2024 in Cannes - Mandelieu, France from Sept 30 to Oct 2 at booth #12.