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+49 2131 82090 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Airport City DUS | Peter-Müller-Straße 3 | 40468 Düsseldorf | Germany
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  • Tobias did an outstanding job working with our press
    crew and maintenance team to help us implement a
    more automated process resulting in significant cycle
    time reduction and reduced process variation. We
    quickly recognized the benefits this automation will have
    on the overall maintenance of our equipment as well.
    His insight and interactions with the press operators was
    highly impactful and we look forward to continued
    partnership on future projects.



    Judy Shaffer
    Director of Quality
  • Getting us into the ‘full automatic’
    mode is a huge step forward for
    productivity, consistency and part
    quality. This achievement is critical to
    our future success.
    Once again, we very much appreciate
    your efforts!



    Paul D. Wilson
    General Manager
  • easy2forge is an excellent tool that helps us to meet the
    high quality standards for aerospace parts in a serial
    production. The use of easy2forge not only guarantees
    highest productivity in production but also supports us during
    the development process for new products. With the
    simulation capabilities of easy2forge we are able to reach
    our goals in weight optimization and near net shape design.



    Johann Tockner
    Vice President Production
    voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace GmbH & Co KG
  • easy2forge enables us to forge all products in full automatic
    mode including even die shift. The generated programs can
    be used out of the box without any modification. The forging
    process is fast and precise.
    New programs are available at the press immediately.
    Calculating a new product is very easy and takes only a few



    José Manuel Bermúdez
    Production Engineer
  • We have very high acceptance from the press operators
    using easy2forge programs. Managing the manipulator jaw
    height is much easier with easy2forge. This and the
    homogenious deformation clearly has a positive impact on
    the straightness and the quality of the bars.
    Furthermore we significantly reduced production times. This
    will certainly have a positive effect on production costs and
    energy costs.



    Stefan Paul
    Forge Shop Manager
    voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG

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